Maxime Jumelle


Below you will find different projects and companies where I worked. - CTO & Head of Research

Since September 2018 is a new training program to become a talentful Data Scientist. Our philosophy is conducted by project learning : instead of focusing a huge amount of time on theoretical courses, student efficiently learn Machine Learning techniques on industrial and real-life projects.

As we receive projects and data from our partners, we are challenging students to learn how to add value and solve partners' problematics with respect to their needs.

JDConsulting - Associate

From March 2017 to December 2018

JD Consulting helps companies in their digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, optimization or development, we provide latest technologies to increase business opportunities.

Societe Generale Insurance - Actuarial Intern

Since June 2018

In the DataLab team of Société Générale Insurance, my role requires both data science and programming skills. I am currently working on two subjects, which are Natural Language Understanding and pairwise interactions in high-dimensional correlated variables.

AccTeam - Associate

Since February 2017

AccTeam is a french crowdsourcing marketplace website bringing motivated freelancers to insurance and financial industry.